Kitchen Renovations

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Today's kitchens are seen as the center of the home, a place where families gather together.

It is therefore considered to be one of the most important rooms in a home.

  •  Kitchens also sell homes; a new modern kitchen has the potential to increase the value of your property, so it makes good sense to renovate.
  •  Most older kitchens have minimal storage space. With so many kitchen gadgets and appliances available today, storage in the kitchen is very important.
  •  Older kitchens usually have very little bench space, making it harder for more than one person to be in the kitchen at a time.

Today’s demands on a kitchen are very different to what they used to be, therefore renovating your kitchen can make a huge difference to your meal preparation routine.

Bliss Kitchen Renovations have extensive experience in kitchen redesign. Call Bliss today so we can help you with your redesign.


Kitchen Renovations



Kitchen Transformed

Kitchen Transformed

Kitchen is always the centre of attention in an entire house.   A well designed kitchen can bring peace, love, tranquility and joy to our hearts when we share intimate times with our loved ones.

Bliss Knox Kitchen Renovations is here to help you to build your dream kitchen.  We can make the process smoother by project managing. 

Kitchen Renovations at Blackburn:  (Custom Kitchens Blackburn)

Below is a kitchen renovations we did at Blackburn with Polytec Melamine Oak Timber Look kitchen with YDL Ultimate Range stone.   

before renovation


Custom Kitchen Renovations at Rowville

Below is another kitchen we have renovated in Rowville recently in 2023.   Even though the old kitchen was not even that old but owner wish to enjoy a better life style with a brand new kitchen.   

It brings life to a whole new level :)

We used again Polytec Melamine Oak Timber Look with YDL Premium Range stone.  Large Island with 2 x water falls are definitely in trend.  Don't they just look so beautiful :)   

Kitchen Renovations at Rowville

We recently transformed a very tired kitchen in Rowville in 2023. 

GLOSS WHITE FINGER PULL style front panels gives it a clean and modern look.

Lots of drawers which satisfies large family requirements :)

Hampton Style Kitchen Renovations at Camberwell.

Shaker style kitchen is always a popular and timeless choice.  The country style look is priceless and classy.  

We just recently finished this kitchen in Camberwell in Oct 2023



2PAC Shaker Style Kitchen Renovations at Heathmont

  • We enlarged the opened between kitchen and dining room to make a open plan. 
  • Previously was U shaped kitchen which made the room look small and crowded and not enough storage.  Removed the U shaped bench to make it L-Shape.  This opened up the space to make it feel spacious.  The draws made storage more accessible.  
  • We blocked the small door from laundry side to install fridge cabinet so we can utilise old fridge space for a large pantry to increase storage.

2PAC Kitchen Renovations at Ferntree Gully. 

  • We added 2 x pantries and wall cabinets 
  • We added more draws to increase accessibility  
  • We moved fridge outside to increase spaciousness