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What is reasonable time frame for a high quality bathroom renovation?

17th April 2018

During our quotation meeting, the most frequently asked question is: “how long does it take to renovate a bathroom from start to finish?”

50% of the customers only have one bathroom and toilet in the entire household. The length of the renovation is critical to them. It is wise to understand the work processes involved that directly relate to the time frame.

Generally, we allow a minimum of 2 weeks for a small to medium sized bathroom from start to completion.
  • Demolition: 1 day
  • Structural works depending on job: 1-2 days
  • Electrical and plumbing rough in: 1-2 days
  • Close up walls and waterproof: 1 day
  • Floor tiling: 1 day
  • Wall tiling: 1-3 days depending on the size of bathroom and height of tiling
  • Grouting of tiles: 1 day
  • Corking silicon and installation: 1 day
  • Plumbing and electrical connections: 1 day
Once the bathroom renovation is completed, it needs to be left for 24 hours before being used to let the silicon dry and set. It is therefore vitally important that we have everything purchased and delivered prior to renovation.

On average we complete a bathroom renovation within 2 weeks.

Before and after photos of bathroom renovation

Transform old ugly into a modern stylish resort bathroom

2nd December 2017

Can my old ugly bathroom be transformed into a Luxurious Stylish Resort Bathroom?

Lot of customers come to me saying that: "we have an old house, so we don't expect to have a modern bathroom, we only need it to be renovated so it can function better." Our response will always be: "there is no reason you should spend money to only settle for the second best." There is no need to worry that the bathroom will not match the rest of the house. We can advise you on choosing the right color scheme to paint the rest of the house - so it matches your new bathroom.

Bliss Bathroom Renovations service the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs and South East Suburbs. We renovate every bathroom like a Top Quality Bathroom Renovation. It all starts with the right design, choosing the right color tiles and bathroom products. We work with our customers closely to ensure an amazing transformation. We are constantly amazed by the outcomes... It is a journey between us, a very pleasant one. We will both be proud of our co-creation.

Before and after bathroom renovations

How to makeover a small bathroom to become a room of Relaxation, Spacious and Luxury?

3rd October 2017

Many bathrooms built in the past decades are small, lack natural light and were built to be functional only - not designed for relaxation.

People nowadays aren't satisfied with small bathrooms that are dark, crowded and old fashioned. There is no reason why you cannot have a 5 star bathroom at your own home.

If you have too many items you wish to fit in your small bathroom, however there isn’t enough space, there are 5 tips to makeover your small, dark bathroom looking spacious, luxury and relaxing:

1. Cavity Sliding Door: change the open bathroom door to a cavity sliding door. This way, you can have a vanity cabinet, bathtub or shower next to the door, and there is no need to worry which way the door opens.

2. Shaving Cabinet Recess: If you wish to have more storage space, a shaving cabinet recessed into the wall is a good choice. The new style shaving cabinets have either pencil edged mirror doors or bevel edged mirror doors. They look modern and provide good storage for numerous products.

3. In Wall Toilet System: An in wall toilet system dimensions are 590mm x 360mm x 400 mm, compared to 695mm x 360mm x 840mm for a normal wall facing toilet.

4. Clear doorway: Keep the bathroom doorway clear so the room look spacious and have an open space at entrance. A good design fits a towel rail near the doorway to keep the space clear.

5. Install a LED light above the mirror or shaving cabinet. This will ensure there is more lighting in the room and great for the owner who can then enjoy the time to do make up or prepare themselves for work or parties.


Space saving tips

13th September 2017

In wall toilet - to save space

In Wall Toilet System can be a solution for bathrooms with spacing issues.

Benefits of installing an In Wall Toilet System are:

1. Dimensions: 590mm x 360mm x 400 mm compared to 695mm for a normal wall facing toilet

2. Gives the illusion that the bathroom is are spacious

3. Luxurious and modern appearance

The one downside is the system costs around $250 more to purchase and another $300 in labor to fit the wall flush system.

Common mistakes people make on renovating a bathroom

19th July 2017

  • Mistake 1: Doing a partial renovation and sealing
  • Mistake 2: Choosing a dodgy tradesman or renovator whom did not provide a detailed quotation
  • Mistake 3: Waiting too long to renovate
  • Mistake 4: Making a decision on price alone
  • Mistake 5: Choosing a wrong design that does not suit your needs or style
  • Mistake 6: Choosing poor quality fixtures, fittings and tiles
At Bliss Renovations, we can provide professional advice on how to design your bathroom to suit your requirements and budget.

Why Should You Only Settle For a 5 Star Bathroom

26th July 2018

Imagine waking up to an Enchanted, Sparkly, 5 Star Resort Style Bathroom each morning.  It will only inspire us to look forward to a Bright and Beautiful day ahead.  The Feeling is Blissful, Loved, and Gentle.  Life becomes beautiful and at ease.

Why do we save up whole year just to spend on a 2 weeks holiday?  Our customers enjoy their 5 Star Bathrooms every day.  One of Bliss Bathroom Renovation’s customers at Wantirna proudly stated: “It is so beautiful.  I feel like I am in a 5 star hotel everyday”.  I no longer having the urge to go away on holiday now.  I was stuck with the old ugly ensuite for 20 years.  I always hated it.  It was awful to be in it.  With my brand new beautiful bathroom, I start enjoying life at my own home.   I reckon it is the most beautiful bathroom you have ever built.  I am looking forward to have my kitchen and floor done so I could enjoy staying in my house even better...”  In fact, all of our customers are proud of their creations with our assistance and start enjoying life better.

With Bliss Bathroom Renovation Team, we are group of professional tradies whom strive to only build best quality Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry.  Whether it is a 50 year old house or small unit, we can help you to transform from old ugly rooms into a functional, beautiful and blissful sacred space where you and your family can share LOVE and BLISS.  Regardless whether you want a basic functional bathroom or luxury set out, our quality work will always make it feels like 5 stars.

Wondering how we can transform your bathroom or ensuite into a sacred space for you and your family to enjoy life together?  For Free Quotation call Vivian at 0451 407 686.  Let’s start your journey now.  Remember you are the Initiator and the Creator.  We are ready to assist you to make your dream come true.


How to plan for a SMOOTH and STRESS FREE Bathroom, and Kitchen Renovations?

8th February 2019

Step 1:  Research and Engage a Trustworthy Renovator who cares to provide advice on best available solutions for your space and wish to do their best on the finer details.

Finding the right Renovator is critical in having a Smooth and Stress Free Renovations.  A Renovator who Cares and is highly ethical.   Someone who tries to understand your need and willing work with you to maximise the usage of the space within your budget.   

Be Realistic about your budget!   If you have a large bathroom more than 7 sqm, and you required stepless shower, a modern freestanding bathtub, high quality well designed wall hang vanity with marble tops, black tap wares, tiles to ceiling with top quality works and A grade porcelain tiles, you should expect to pay around $15-$25k.   Anything lower you should question what process is involved?  Whether they engage professional electrician and plumber?  Do they provide compliance certificates?  What kind of water proofing procedures apply?  Caution.  Some of the low cost Renovator may cost you a lot more in long run as you might found shower start leaking and other problems might happen within 2-3 years of time which will lead you to another full renovation well before expected.

Step 2:  Getting professional advice from your Renovator and search on the websites on best selections of vanity, tiles, tap wares and color combinations.  

Step 3:  Plan and Prepare for Expected Period for your Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations.

Step 4:  Work Begin and stay calm and relaxed.   However do expect there might be couple of minor hick-ups here and there unexpected during the process.

Step 5:  Job finish and You house return into Peace and Bliss with Beautiful Sparkly new Kitchen and Bathrooms.