Bathroom Renovations Melbourne eastern suburbs

There are so many reasons why you might want to renovate your bathroom.

  • Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. A new luxurious bathroom adds value to your property and makes it stand out amongst other potential properties that are for sale.
  • Bathrooms play a very different role in the household now than they did 50 years ago. Bathrooms were once built for function only but are now a place for relaxation.
  • Old homes potentially have water damage – which can lead to bigger structural issues if not addressed.
  • Most old bathrooms are cramped with not a lot of space. Todays bathroom of choice is both luxurious and spacious.
  • Older bathrooms can date an otherwise modern looking home.
  • New bathrooms just look so much nicer…
Bliss Renovations can advise you on the best solution for your new bathroom, while ensuring the end result will be a quality luxurious space.
Importance of waterproofing
Bathroom design



Modern Bathroom in an Old House

People tend to think that they have a house that is over 30 years old, so renovation style should be conservative.   

Below is a before renovation photo of a bathroom we have completed in Springvale in May 2020.   The house is a more than 50 years old style timber house.  After the renovation, it looks if just as good as a brand new contemprory home.   Old bathroom

When renovating your house, don't limit what you want into the era when the house is built.  Whatever you would like to achieve, if you can dream, we can build!   Let's build your dream bathroom and kitchen together.





Current trend 

Grey, Black, White, Calacatta, Black Frame, Black Round Mirror, Timber look wall hang vanity ......

Stepless Shower or Stepless Walk-In-Shower, Black framed shower screen......

Laminate Wall Hang Vanity......

Ensuite Transformation

from... traditional shower cubicle with shower base, super large vanity and a toilet

Ensuite Before Photo

Into...  Large Walk-In-Shower with still a large vanity and a toilet.