Bliss KNOX Renovations Team

Who Are We

We are a small team of reliable bathroom and kitchen specialist situated in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs whom worked in the field for over 30 years. 

We Care to listen to what you want and will come up with a floor plan that will best utilise the space functionality wise.

Trevor Wang

Bathroom Remodeller / Locally Qualitfied Tradesman.   
Certificate III in Carpentry / Tiling / Water Proofing.
Certificate IV in Building & Construction. 

  • Attention to Details
  • Focus on Best Quality Works.
Trevor and the guys work alongside him are not your traditional tradesman.   
  • They are authentic, kind, sincere, with a genuine intention to assist locals to realise their dream space. 
  • With a passion to do their best at all jobs, that is how our team differentiate from the others on the market. 

30 years combined domestic home renovation, building trades, commercial shop fitting experience.

Trevor - Bliss Renovations

Vivian Liu

Quotations / Job Scheduling / Customer Service / Office Management
Certificate IV in Building & Construction. 

25 years of commercial experience in Customer Service, Accounting, and Business Management and 8 years in Building and Construction industry.
She has been working alongside with Trevor in job estimation and floor plan designing. 
Vivian's characteristics:   
  • Attention to details
  • Authentically built this business so locals can find tradesman that is worthy of their trust.
  • With pure intention to maximising the functionality of your limited space.  
  •  Building a faithful relationships between customer and tradesman.

Vivian - Bliss Renovations

Trevor and Plumber

Team Energy


Authentic,  Passionate, Energetic,  Vibrant.