Important things to know before starting your bathroom renovation


Before hiring a renovatorChoosing the right design



Important things to know before hiring a renovator for your bathroom project

Bliss Renovations have seen numerous cases of severe water damage in bathrooms that had been building up for years - as well as rotten floors and grout mould from renovation jobs only years old.

Important questions to ask a potential renovator:

  • How do you do your waterproofing?
  • Do you install cement sheets before you install tiles?

Why is Waterproofing so important? 

Most builders or renovators water proof to satisfy minimum legal requirement. By law you only need to apply waterproofing products inside the shower floor and 20cms high inside shower walls. 

At Bliss Renovations, we install cement sheet behind all tiles and use quality waterproofing glue or cloth. Our premium waterproofing is to the highest standard, as per the below:

  • Floor waterproofing: The entire bathroom floor.
  • Wall waterproofing: 1 metre high inside the shower wall. 1.2 metres high behind the bathtub, toilet and vanity walls.

The importance of cement sheeting

Why is it so important to install cement sheets in bathrooms and kitchen where you wish to install tiles?

Plasterboard will break down after water damage, and cement sheets have a waterproofing effect.

Below are a sample of bathroom waterproofing jobs Bliss Renovations have done.  


Choosing the Right Bathroom Design

When deciding on a design for your bathroom renovation there are few things you should take into consideration:

1. Functionality: The most crucial element of a bathroom renovation is it must be functional. It doesn’t matter if it looks great or it was terrific value, if it doesn’t fit your day to day requirements it isn’t worth the expense.

Make a list of what your requirements are, and list them in order of importance. Also keep in mind potential changes in your future. A cheap job might save you hundreds in the short term, but if you haven’t planned for your future you will end up paying more overall.

2. Function over convenience: Some people think that if they merge their bath and shower they will make more space to install a second toilet. As bathroom experts, Bliss Renovations strongly recommends anyone who is planning to renovate their bathroom should seek professional advice on how to maximise the features of their bathroom without losing some of the functionality. This will also ensure the home does not lose value when trying to sell the property.

3. Potential buyer’s needs: Are you planning on selling your home any time within the next 10 years? You might think it’s a clever idea to remove a bathtub to make more room for a bigger shower, a double sink or an extra toilet, but is this what the market wants. Families prefer a bathtub in their bathrooms. By removing the bathtub, you may decrease your potential buyers’ market.

Bliss Renovations strongly recommends you keep a bathtub in your design - we can help you find other ways to increase the space needed for your ideal bathroom.  

4. Extra storage without compromising the designThere are a few things that can be done to increase the storage space without comprising the spacious luxurious look of the bathroom.

A recessed shower and bath reduces the space needed for these fixtures, and a recessed shaving cabinet with mirror can provide a modern luxurious look while increasing storage space. Older bathrooms do not have the space to store all toiletries out of sight so are left on top of the vanity. With the large recessed shaving cabinets in modern bathrooms it makes it easier to keep the vanity area clean and tidy.

5. Light and breezy: A good sized window that can be opened is important in all bathrooms, as it provides a major source of ventilation, helping to keep the room dry and inhibits mould from forming. Sunlight from the window will also make the room brighter.

Spacious newly renovated bathroom

Spacious quality main bathroom

Large bath with niche & shower

Frameless glass shower